Welcome to the restructured 55th Virginia Infantry Regiment website. It was created in 1998, and has been gradually expanded as new information and articles have become available. This is an ongoing project; a recent addition being an illustrated study of the writings and pictures of the artist Allen Christian Redwood, who served in the regiment from July 1861 to January 1864. Further articles, on the unit's battle-flags and its divisional commander, General Heth, will be published shortly.

The site's principal contibutor is the author of the regimental history, published by H. E. Howard Inc., in 1989. He is in the process of creating a database containing biographical sketches of every one of the 1,324 men who served in the 55th. In addition to an outline of their military service, this will include details of their county of residence, age, occupation, wealth, marital status and demise. He is always pleased to hear from descendants of the men of the 55th and will gladly share information with them.