1. The wearing of Federal uniforms by the 55th Virginia Infantry
When and why the regiment was, on occasions, reduced to using enemy uniforms.
Richard O'Sullivan – 25 August 2003

2. Allen Christian Redwood and the 55th Virginia Regiment
The artist and writer Allen Christian Redwood served in the 55th Virginia Regiment from July 24th 1861 to January 12th 1864. No fewer than 46 of his line drawings and gouache paintings were directly inspired by this short, but intense, period of his life. All 46 are reproduced here, connected by a narrative and amplified with quotes from his recollections.
Richard O'Sullivan – 17 March 2016

3. The Confederate in the Field
Allen Christian Redwood's recollections of how it felt to be in battle. First published 1911 in Miller's Photographic History, Volume 8, pages 158 – 178.
Allen Redwood – 24 March 2016

4. Henry Heth, Lee's ‘bad luck’ General
General Heth is remembered as the man who took his troops to Gettysburg in search of shoes and accidentally started the pivotal battle of the Civil War. The 55th Virginia served in his division from May 1863 until December 1864. This article assesses his performance during that period.
Richard O'Sullivan – 25 August 2016

5. Some observations on Dr. Bradley M. Gottfried's article To fail twice: Brockenbrough's Brigade at Gettysburg
A repost on behalf of the 55th Va. to Dr. Bradley M. Gottfried's article.
Richard O'Sullivan – 11 January 2004 (moderated in August 2016)

6. The Battle Flags of the 55th Virginia
A examination of the battle flags of the 55th Virginia Regiment from the early ‘Stars and Bars’ until the end at Sayler's Creek in 1865.
Richard O'Sullivan – 28 August 2016